Sometimes, you don’t really get a choice in what a song is about. It’s not like I sat there and planned to write a song about the mysteriously weird love affair that is Kellyanne and George Conway. But there it was, presented by the universe one afternoon while strumming guitar. I really like it, in spite of the toxic nature of the subjects.

For me, songs are sometimes like little puzzles you have to unlock. A line here, a chord change there – all are necessary parts of the evolution of the piece. I thought I had it done, but then the word “Sucubus” came into my throat and I knew it was complete.

Anyway, this is just a demo made witht he Acapella app. I figured it needed to see the light of day sooner rather than later. We’ll get to a final version some day down the road in less strident times…

words and music by George Zhen

Everything we touched would sparkle like a silhouette against the light…

I took a ride this weekend
And I tried to figure out
What to do about our lives
On the day the truth comes out
It was a magic moment
The two of us just sitting there
Conversing and reversing time
Now there’s just an empty chair

You know when I look into you eyes
Are you wearing a disguise?
I wonder how we’re lovers

It was a perfect union
Yeah our souls were so aligned
Evert hing we touched would sparkle
Like a silhouette against the light
But then he came between us
And with a thousand little thrusts
He cut us up and bled us dry
And had the nerve to add “In God We Trust”

Cross my heart and hope to live
Long enough where they’ll forgive
And wonder how we’re lovers
In the middle of the night

I wonder how we’re lovers

I recollect the moment
When they tore the curtains down
Revealing all the props and lights
You’re the sucubus of this whole town
Now we’re on a plane that’s headed
To our opulent exile
What’s left of our lives overhead
What’s left of you a vague and empty smile

Somewhere below ten thousand feet
You finally admit defeat
And wonder how we’re lovers
In the middle of the night
I wonder how we’re lovers
When I look you in the eyes
I wonder how we’re lovers