About (me)

“Life is all about a song
making the world super beautiful.”

– George Zhen

Music Is…

Multi-instrumental singer-songwriter George Zhen has three self-titled albums to his credit along with stints with artists such as Jim Wurster, Blue Sky Drive and Love Canal. He has also fronted his own projects over the years including The Mariana Trenchcoats, Some People’s Children and Son of Elektra. As a producer and engineer, his credits include artists such as Shawn Snyder and imadethismistake. The result is a musical style uniquely his own as a vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist and producer.

Zhen is currently putting the finishing touches on his fourth studio album, “A Chronicle of Midnights.” Look for this new facet of musical exploration to be released in the Spring of 2020.


Zhen is unusually happy. Married, with grown kids. Some cats. He is legally blind, which is kind of sucky sometimes. Hates fishing but loves fish. Aspires to write historical fiction. Favorite artists include (but are not limited to): The Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead, The National and a billion others.