Hi There…

I started writing this stupid blurb like three times. Would it be best to be self-deprecating and funny? Should it just be some sort of disembodied narrative? I’ll just start writing and see where it goes.

First of all, this is my online web presence. I am putting my music here, along with a few other things of interest to me, although not necessarily to others. But the main thing is the music. Well, and some writing. I miss my old blog. I just need a place to do more than post.

I have hundreds of tunes. I really do. Not all of them are recorded or have even been played for others. I hope to use this platform to share some of these, along with the others already available on the various streaming and download services. Spotify. iTunes. GooglePlay. Pick yours and go.

I hope you dig. If you don’t, I’m still thrilled you took time out to listen.

Peace to all.





NEW ALBUM: A Chronicle of Midnights

On his fourth studio album, A Chronicle of Midnights, George Zhen takes the listener on a journey filled with questions about faith,  love and universal connections. Layered with guitars, pianos and electronic elements, Zhen dares the listener to join him on a musical exploration that is both haunting and revealing.

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George Zhen

Organic, honest and sometimes ironic, this debut album from George Zhen journeys through a veritable midway of character-driven songs chronicling the adventures of lovers, warriors and falling stars.

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Dust of the American Pixel

A moody, melodic blend of electronic and organic sounds, drum loops and pianos, male vocals and harmonies riveted to a theme of humanity verses technology. A concept album.

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In Transit

Multi-instrumentalist George Zhen’s third album, “In Transit”, is a collection of straight-forward indie pop songs spinning tales of hackers, smugglers and other saints.

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