I hope you’ll pardon me as I drop some of these songs from A CHRONICLE OF MIDNIGHTS here and talk about them.

EMINENT GRACE (track #2) is a song that has this underlying anti-religious institutonalism vibe to it, although not directly. Think of it as Galileo verse the Catholic Church. Or a big middle finger held up to anyone who says, “You just didn’t pray hard enough.”

Probably not the best way to start. Forgive me. This is not necessarily always my viewpoint. I channel a lot of characters when I write, and this one was kinda pissed at the time. But hey, I got the chance to use “airlock” as a verb.

Musically speaking, this started as a technical experiment involving a vocoder. You’ll recognize it as the mechanical, robotic voice effect. I was listening to a lot of Bon Iver at teh time, and this filtered through. The main instrument is a melotron, which is what I think I wrote the balance of the song on. The bass is broken into two parts – synth bass and actual bass guitar. Blending the two was a challenge, to be sure.

My only regret is I couldn’t do live timpani. Next time.

So that’s EMINENT GRACE. To all of my religious and spiritual peeps, don’t be put off by the anger in this one. It’s part of a longer arc on the album. Think of it as a stage of grief.

More to come….