Ok, a big relief here in Zhenland as Lisa’s Facebook problem seems to have been solved. For real this time.

As you may recall in my earlier post (here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/note.php?note_id=243171100520), we had some success logging on to her account last night, however brief. Shortly after logging on, we could no longer get in, receiving the same errors we had for a whole month. But I did note the time and figured, if all else failed, we would try to log in and about the same time the following night hoping that the “shields would be down” again.

Maybe it’s part of their daily maintenance routine over there in Palo Alto, but just like last night, the FB servers allowed us to log in using her lisa@u n c l e s a m s m u s i c . c o m username. And this time, we were ready to act!

First, I had her resend the confirmation email to the new email address. Like a chicken with my head cut off, I went to my computer and checked GMAIL and there it was. I clicked the confirmation link and oh no! Log-in failed just like before. So I caught my snap and ran back to the computer Lisa was on, the one already logged into Facebook and had her open a new tab for GMAIL. Clicked on the link an WOO HOO! A new email address has been successfully added!

I also had her activate her mobile device as per suggestion by pal Oscar. This way, at least she can log in to FB through m.facebook.com if the web fails.

So, keep these facts in mind: Always have a second email registered at Facebook. Also set up a mobile device, even if you don’t use one normally so you have that as a back door. And lastly, remember that the shields are down at Facebook between 10-11 PM Eastern 🙂

Thanks to everyone for their support and help during this trying little bit of madness. Lisa thanks you too 🙂

Have a great day.