My youngest son, Cameron, had a student project in his middle school to make a little video inspired by his fears. The teach does this sort of assignment every year. I distinctly remember my older son’s production which entailed him being devoured in time-lapse fashion by rubber worms. But in the years since, I have a new computer which has iMovie, so this time around i figured it was a great chance to give the younger one some basic lessons in video editing and story-telling.

Hey, it’s no Final Cut Pro, but it will do for middle school.

What you see here is the result: Attack of the Killer Sponges. Cameron’s professed “fear” is being clean, or so he rationalizes. So being attacked by sponges makes sense. LOL! iMovie, a cheap and very bad video camera, a bunch of sponges from the dollar store, bamboo skewers and some cut out felt faces were all the budget allowed. Even Michael Jackson went without a paycheck for this one.

Of course, the academy award for Best Scream must go to Nana… she makes the video!