It was May 29, 2017. A Monday. I had some musical pain I had to get out of me. So I rolled out of bed  that night at 11:30 and went into the studio. I opened up the DAW on my already booted computer, checked a the mic and MIDI keyboard for levels and hit record.

What happened over the next 3:40 is captured here. The piano is as it was recorded that night, note for note.. Even the bad ones. We changed the patch to a more spooky piano sound later, but that’s it. The scratch vocal melodically and lyrically wasn’t much different from the final track presented here, aside from a few lines that needed to be sussed out and a few notes that couldn’t be hit on such short notice.

The result is a powerful, moody piece of sadness. I am good for one of these per record. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But this is no “Shiny Happy People” project anyway.

I don’t really believe in spirits and ghosts and all that, although I suspect I may just be tone deaf in that regard. But I was definitely tapped into some flow there for a 3 and a half minutes. It was unlike any musical experience I had ever had before or since. *

THE VIDEO is a DIY hack of a dreamy screensaver app called DreamForge that I video capped, color corrected and edited for flow and lyrical relevance. Hope you enjoy…

(* NOTE: Ok, maybe the one other similar experience was the time I banged out an entire folk-punk concept album in one night while spinning my brain out on X. But “Prototypes in Ethylene” is a project for another time.)