“Drink Just Tears” is my futile attempt at empathy with a man who has none of his own. How did he become this way? Evil and racism are not inherent human traits, at least I don’t believe so. They are learned. What fucked this guy up this badly? I tried.

The result is one of my shortest songs ever coming in around 1:45. So much with this exercise.

The video is comped from some YouTube bits and pieces. Three clips, altered and effected. Cease and desist me if you want. Or sue. It would be fitting.

Words & Music by George Zhen

The boy on the swing
Knows everything
That they say about him
He puts it away
And waits for the day
He can use it on them

The First Bank of Empathy and Shame
Wrote a note against his name
On which he built this crooked tower
It blocks out all the light
And he prays to himself at night

“Let ’em be angry
Let ’em be fools
Let ’em smoke grass
Forget about the past
Break all the rules
Let ’em go hungry
Feed ’em nothing but fear
Let ’em drink tears
Let them drink tears”

“Drink Just Tears”