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OTHER WORLD COMPANION is an electronic music art exhibit. This livestream is a fusion of synthesized musical compositions by George Zhen combined with field recordings, live radio communications and immersive visualizations to create a digital artscape unlike any other.

The exhibit launched at Midnight GMT on April 20, 2021 and will run for an entire calendar year as a livestream on YouTube. During that time, the exhibit will be anything but static in nature. In addition to adding more musical compositions on a regular basis, the exhibit will also incorporate live radio communications from live events such as spacewalks, rocket launches, scanner traffic and the like. The result is a kaleidoscope of sound and color that expresses the impact of now.

It can be immersive. Or it can be passive. Either way, it’s your OTHER WORLD COMPANION.

Articvles on OWC

The Collective Now

The Collective Now

April 24, 2021
By now you realize that much of the OTHER WORLD COMPANION exhibit centers on creating unique moments in time that can’t be repeated. We are stressing the idea that this art is not designed to be consumed on demand – it is a constant live broadcast that the listener enters into and experiences simultaneously with...
Other World Companion: An Introduction

Other World Companion: An Introduction

April 7, 2021
I have always wanted to do a music project that was entirely electronic in nature. A combination of synth work, field recordings and other ambient elements melded together into something dreamy or psychedelic. As a keyboard guy first, I grew up on the tones of Dolby, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. So I figured some day...

Media inquiries and shouts of encouragement can be directed to: zhen@trajectory.org