5I figure it’s about time for me to write a bit about this album thing I am working on.

Let’s face it – I’m always working on an album. Sometimes it is in the forefront of my freespace, other times it sits dormant for a month or two. I’m always composing, either way. I’m not a professional at this thing any longer, not that I was ever really successful as a “professional” anyway (I never made a dime). No, this fills a space in my life that needs a creative outlet. That’s all. Like a painter who still paints even though their art will never find its way into a gallery. I love the form, the putting out a collection of songs, finding a theme, an order, finding pieces along the way that fit, working in pro Tools, Photoshop and all those nifty creation tools. Choosing fonts and color palettes. Bringing in other artists and musicians. At my pace in my space.

Finally, there is this point where I currently stand: Where the linear notes are being put together, the final changes in song order, mix and, yes – the last minute song and its ridiculous demand to be included at the last moment. All brought together and crystallzing bit by bit. I kinda think I know what it will look and sound like when finished, but until it’s in my hand…. A little like childbirth, exciting, scary lots of anticipation. Ok, childbirth without the blood and pain, ok ladies? Well, not much…

Did I mention I am still mixing and recording little bits? Yes. It’s never done until submitted to the manufacturer. So of course it should be no surprise I’m trying to get a friend of mine who has the gospel pipes to get in here next week. *sigh*

Ok, let me run and work on some of this stuff…. the due date is fast approaching!